Bridging the gap between every human being.

Élance creates technological solutions that enable companies to be more inclusive and equitable, and to celebrate diversity as a vector of creativity and a competitive advantage.

Overcoming the discomfort of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) conversations, Élance adopts a caring approach based on the cohesion and psychological safety of your teams. What are we aiming for? To strengthen the sense of community, employee engagement and the success of local businesses.

Tina Pranjic:
CEO and Co-founder of Élance.

Self-taught Techwoman and a Swiss Army Knife of Data!


Intrapreneurship has marked Tina’s career path; always on the lookout for needs in the environments she comes into contact with, she proposes out-of-the-box solutions and continually creates new projects.

Over the past 5 years, she has nurtured her mobilizing leadership by setting up projects to promote inclusion and diversity, whether with the Women’s Y, the World Social Forum, the Scout movement or schools.

For Tina, Élance is a fertile playground for pushing back the boundaries of the field and constantly developing new techno-features to better serve her customers. It’s worth noting that Tina learned everything on her own, driven by her curiosity and supported by her mother, herself a computer engineer (a nod to Svjetlana Pranjić).

Her proudest achievement?

Having transposed her vision and skills in diversity and inclusion to Élance, she quickly learned “on the job” to manage agile sprints in DEI development and to do user experience analysis in various ways!


A graduate of McGill University in gender studies and HEC in management and administration, she specializes in queer theory, feminist approaches and management. Her real-life experience also shapes her career path.

Tina is a 2nd-generation immigrant whose parents are refugees from the Bosnian war. Her family’s resilience and courage have contributed to her passion for creating inclusive and caring workspaces.

Dahlia Jiwan:
co-founder of Elance.

An empathetic strategist and a calm force!

Since the beginning of her career, Dahlia has dreamed of transforming workplaces to make them more egalitarian. Today, this is possible thanks to the creation of Élance and the innovation of its business model.

Dahlia has always been a unifying leader, whether she was responsible for organizing the Montreal Women’s March, setting up several projects at the Women’s Y or daring to create gender equality workshops in the heart of the Peruvian Andes.

What has guided Dahlia since her university days? Transforming society by building bridges between different identities and cultures, and thus instilling greater harmony. Every day, Dahlia rubs shoulders with organizations that believe in this vision: it’s what gives her the fuel she needs to develop fruitful partnerships.

What does inclusion rhyme with?

For Dahlia, inclusion isn’t just a matter of internal plans and policies, it’s lived out every day, and she’s dedicated to advocating an approach where every person feels seen, heard and supported.

But that doesn’t stop Dahlia from embodying her strategic leadership and constantly looking for the right questions to “challenge the status quo” among Élance customers, with gentleness and empathy!

A graduate of Université de Montréal and UQÀM in sociology, feminist studies and industrial relations, Dahlia specializes in intersectional, anti-racist and gender-based violence analysis. She has worked in international development for gender equality and in intervention with victims and actors of violence.

Why Elance?
Why the lion’s tooth?

Together, we push forward and upward! Élance provides the drive for change needed to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace.

The lion’s tooth comes from the dandelion. It’s the idea that Élance propagates seeds of knowledge. As you know, dandelions are everywhere! But here, they’re friendly and pleasant.

Élance makes a big impact by planting DEI seeds in every corporate corner. Just as there is a plurality of dandelions, there is a plurality of humans, and everyone should feel included. Above all, it’s #impossibletoexterminatedandelions!

Our values, those that inspire
all our actions:


While DEI can be complex in some areas, we also make sure it is fun and light-hearted. Walk it like you talk it: we create positive, inclusive wellness spaces in your company AND at Élance. We leave no room for intimidation.


Why should we be content with the status quo, when we’re not content with it for our customers? Each day, we create technologies, practices and massive databases that exist nowhere else.


We have the diplomas and the professional experience. But we also have the years of hands-on experience as queer women from marginalized communities. We recognize that real-life experience is an indispensable source of expertise for DEI, whether it’s our own or that of your employees.


Accountability is the key to progress in DEI: adopting a mindset in which we accept responsibility and are accountable for our own choices and actions. It’s also a mindset of openness, one that allows us to make mistakes without judgment, but with the desire to do better.


Belonging is more than just being part of a group. Belonging is successful inclusion and authentic feeling. At Élance, this is achieved when an employee remains themselves: their difference is not erased, but celebrated by the organization and their colleagues as a strength.


We don’t just check our agenda. Seeing real change in corporate DEI world is what gets us up in the morning. Above all, with our data collection, we have the ability to precisely measure the impact of our services, to adjust and refine.

“The girls definitely listen to their customers’ needs and demonstrate great professional rigour. Their advice has translated into concrete courses of action to improve our services across the board.”

Eleonore Durocher-Bergeron Director of Operations at Acadernos